Community Association Representation
Zetrouer Pulsifer represents condominium, homeowner and cooperative owners and associations. As a firm, we strive to build relationships with our clients by focusing heavily on customer service, availability and being conscientious of the association’s budget. We take pride in offering our clients a full range of services fit to meet their legal needs.
Construction Defects
The attorneys at ZP Legal have assisted clients in various types of construction defect claims. If you are experiencing building issues related to structural defects, or are in a contractual dispute with an owner, builder or contractor, contact our office. Our experienced team can assist you with disputes involving public or private projects in Florida.

The attorneys at Zetrouer Pulsifer have assisted clients in all types of construction claims, including:

- Breach of contract
- Negligence
- Breach of express warranties
- Breach of implied warranties
- Construction liens
- Negligent supervision
- Deceptive and unfair trade practices

Zetrouer Pulsifer handles construction matters on an hourly or contingency basis, depending on your unique situation.

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Government Relations & Lobbying
Zetrouer Pulsifer offers client assistance with local, state and federal policies and politics. We work with politicians, business owners and lobbyists locally, in Tallahassee, and across the country to help our clients achieve their goals. We are here to offer guidance through access and advocacy. Zetrouer Pulsifer works with politicians and advocates to assist clients with their goals. We can assist with the following:

- Advocating for or against proposed legislation
- Appropriations
- Business Development
- Business Regulation
- Criminal Justice
- Economic Development
- Education
- Environment
- Financial Services
- Gaming
- Government Purchasing and Procurement
- Healthcare
- Information Technology
- Insurance and Financial Services
- Legislative drafting
- Local government consulting
- Political consulting
- State government consulting
- Transportation
Zetrouer Pulsifer represents a wide range of landlord-tenant disputes, including those involving the following:

- Nonpayment of rent
- Late payment of rent
- Escrow of rent
- Deposit refunds
- Evictions
- Violation of lease or rental agreement provisions
- Property maintenance and repairs
- Failure to give proper notice
- Access to the premises
- Subleasing
- Disputes over operating expenses and common area maintenance
Litigation (State and Federal)
Do you need qualified attorneys? We provide legal representation tailored to your specific needs and goals. Zetrouer Pulsifer handles state and federal litigation and class actions on issues including:

- Business & Commercial Litigation
- Real Estate Litigation
- Construction Defects
- Contract disputes
- Tortious Interference
- Timeshares
- Foreclosure Defense
- Bankruptcy related issues for Associations
- Lanham Act
- Unfair and deceptive trade practices
- Fraud & Negligent misrepresentations
- Debt collection violations
- Fair Credit Reporting Act Violations
Real Estate
The practice of real estate law governs who may own or use the land, whether residential or commercial. Real estate issues are regulated by laws that vary from state to state. Our St. Petersburg-based real estate lawyers have been helping people located throughout the country in areas of community association representation, landlord-tenant disputes, and timeshare issues across Florida.
Timeshare Law is a specialized, distinguishable area of law. Zetrouer Pulsifer handles general timeshare issues and specialized timeshare litigation, and our attorneys represent companies and law firms in the timeshare industry, timeshare associations and timeshare owners. Timeshare claims can include:

- Violations of Florida’s timeshare act, Florida Statute Chapter 721
- Fraud
- Fraud in the inducement of a contract
- Negligent misrepresentations
- Negligent supervision
- Breach of fiduciary duty
- Debt collection issues relating to the ownership of the timeshare
- Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization “RICO” Act

The Timeshare Act, Florida Statute Chapter 721, specifically prohibits timeshare salesmen from doing the following:
- Misrepresenting a fact or creating a false or misleading impression regarding the timeshare plan or promotion thereof
- Making a prediction of specific or immediate increases in the price or value of a timeshare
- Representing that the purchase of a timeshare is a good investment
- Representing that a timeshare will increase in value like other forms of real estate
- Allowing the presentation to go significantly longer than scheduled
- Representing that there is a deal that was only available that day and time, when in fact it was not
- Failing to provide cancellation rights or disclosures
- Implying that a facility is available for the exclusive use of the purchasers when it will actually be shared by others or the general public
- Misrepresent the availability of a resale or rental program or resale or rental opportunity
- Misrepresent the nature or extent of any incidental benefit
- Misrepresent the size, nature, qualities or characteristics of the offered accommodations or facilities


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